“Thanks Brooke!  I would welcome the opportunity to work with you again! I love your attention to detail and your vision!”

“Hi Brooke - You did a fabulous job. We had a great time and everything was delicious and done with exquisite taste.”

“EVERYTHING we could possibly hoped for, wished for, worked for... came true and sooooooooooooooooo much of it because if you!!!!!!!”

“Never could I have imagined so many details that go into a wedding.  And, all those details no matter how trivial they may sound when taken alone, decisions to solve them must be made, and you saw to that." 

“The best recommendation I could possibly make is that you contact and hire our wedding consultant, Brooke Sheldon, of Lilybrooke Events.  She was beyond invaluable; she has incredible knowledge, she's very organized, trustworthy, experienced, dependable, accessible, and very, very smart.  I LOVED working with her!  My daughter, my husband, my new son in law, my son in law's parents, all the bridesmaids, siblings, grandparents, everyone felt the same way! She can assist you from beginning to end, every step of way and she does it with finesse, and concern and always with a smile! I am already looking forward to my now 20 year old's wedding someday so I can work with Brooke again!”

“I have been to many weddings and by far this was the best I’ve seen. It appeared seamless and nothing was out of place or over the top.”

“We work together all the time with Brooke for weddings and I agree she is amazing.”

“Your help was invaluable. The way the food stations were arranged and the seating in the tent etc. worked beyond what I could ever imagine - I actually preferred it to the sit down wedding dinners we attended over the previous weeks. The mix of seating being just right. Thank you very much for seeing us through this. I feel somewhat like I did saying goodbye to our obstetrician after the birth of our babies - you were such a significant part of a major event in our life, it's a little hard to say goodbye.”

"A friend who had given her own daughter a wedding recently, commented on how easily people flowed from the dinner tent to the club porch and inside for dancing.  It had not gone as easily at her event.”

“We are still trying to unwind!! Thank you so much for your incredible help. The rehearsal dinner and especially the wedding were wonderful.”

“WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A great great event!!!! Thank you for making it one of the premier events this season! I know by the comments that guests made, that they were happy.”

“What a glorious wedding and reception!!! Everything was perfect! I don't think anything could have gone better!!! The priest gave the best homily I have ever heard at a wedding, including my own. The entire service had a joyous mood that was contagious! The whole church seemed to be laughing, smiling or crying with joy throughout the whole ceremony. You guys did the best job interpreting the kids personalities and creating the perfect service for them. The Reception was incredible! Beautiful decor, delicious food, fabulous band, and I loved the photographer! Nothing could have been better!”

“xo from all the family who appreciate you more than you know!!”

“Believe when I say that you were more than a "wedding planner" to us.  I especially valued your advice and insight into the familial issues that gave us fits. I liked the way you handled the caterer and the new in-laws.  You did great! I wish we had another daughter to marry off so we could work together with you. Perhaps my future daughters-in-law will want you.”

“I have heard nothing but positives about the wedding.  Most people have said that it was the best wedding they ever attended. God used you to help make it so. I know that because you helped me with the toast and the Holy Spirit was flying all over the place. Those tears that everyone shed were Him at work.”

“Thank you for all your help. We could not of done it without you.”

“We appreciate all your help.  Things went very smoothly overall, and we appreciate your help in making that happen. She had her dream wedding, even better than she imagined, and they also really enjoyed the few days they had alone at the White Barn Inn.  The rental house was terrific as a "home base" and all the supporting "cast" -- band, caterers, florist -- got rave reviews from our guests.”

“It was so nice to see you again and it always is reassuring to work with someone who is familiar with the venue." 

“Thank you for putting on an excellent event!  I had a great time, it was beautiful, and I already booked a wedding from it!”